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2013-06-04 21:39:50 GMT
Mr.Stifmeister VIP


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- C O M P L E XP R E S E N T S   :Minecraft XBOX360 EditionRegion      : Region Free           Languages: English
Size        : 1 DVD                 Genre    : Action
Platform    : XBOX 360              Date     : 06-2013Release Info:Imagine it, build it Minecraft for Xbox 360 lets you create worlds from the
comfort of you sofa. Play alone or play with your friends. Explore, build
and conquer At night monsters come out, so make sure to build a shelter
before that happens. After that, your world is your imagination. Turn your
hours into minutes with Minecraft for Xbox 360NotesEnjoy This Fine COMPLEX Releasebmx


roda na lt 2.0?
seeds please
XGD2 or XGD3 ?????
Why is this 7.3GB when the PC version is 52 MEGABYTES ? I know it's not the same & I don't doubt Stif's Releases but can someone explain why this much difference exists ? Also will this work with SoftModded X360 ? Thanks.
seed please!
Because it's a disc release, and valid disc iso's have a minimum size, regardless of content.

This is one case where it would have been better if this had been uploaded as a multi-part compressed archive. A lot less to download, though the extracted iso would still be 7.3 gigs.
Make this for seeders only please.
and now the kids will go wild...
pediu para atualizar meu console... por favor alguem me ajuda o meu é lt2.0 15574.0
eu atualizai minha dashboard e deu certo, mas o grid 2 da disco nao aceito, pq isso acontece se o minecraft foi lançado depois do grid 2 e outra coisa o minecraft nao tem a opção de gravar no hd pq?
it works but it doesn't install, anyone knows why?
eu nao sei por que
cadÊ a opção de gravar no HD?
alguem conseguiu gravar no hd do xbox?
This is an official xbox 360 game it just had to meet disc requirements so yes it is xgd2 and 7.3gb but most of the data on the disc is filler space thus why do you think most xbla games arent released on disc...because it is a waste of good discs, not saying xbla games are bad, but they dont need to fill a whole dual layer disc...point: microsoft needs to work on their encryption and compatibility with less expensive discs
Thanks man works great on lt3 and its region free
@CPx1989, nope. Bulk manufactured discs are pressed and sealed in acrylic. BluRay, DLDVD, DVD, CD's. All use the same process and same equipment. Doesn't matter if it's 1 byte or 50 gigs, time, cost and effort are the same. Literally just PENNIES per disc. It is not the same as recordable consumer media which is completely different in every way.

The reason you don't see much XBLA on disc is for other reasons. First, it hurts XBLA since you don't have to use it. Second, unless a game is really popular, sales will be limited because of the extra costs involved in dealing with a physical product vs a virtual one over XBLA. Not disc cost, but packaging costs, logistical costs, delivery costs. Not to mention that most XBLA games are crap that aren't worth the points, much less owning a physical copy.

That you need to use a DLDVD to burn a pirated copy is only an issue & concern to pirates and I'm sure MS doesn't care one bit about your disc waste. It's honestly an invalid complaint on the whole anyways. You're getting the ISO for free, not paying the $20 for it. Blank DLDVD Verbatims only cost $1.25 and it only takes 40 minutes to burn. So no one has anything to complain about.

Also, FYI, most DLC discs barely use the disc. 10-20% at most. Even many of the full blown x360 games themselves use less than 50% of the disc. Example, Skyrim only uses 46%.

Also also, even the original Xbox used DLDVD for everything. Only reason you could use CD's and DVD's (DVD mech permitting) was because the hacked firmwares removed the restriction. Early hacked firmware for the X360 also removed that restriction and allowed CD's/DVD's when the content fit. You can blame C4E for catering to the whiny XBL fanboys that demanded to be able to their pirated games online that we have to burn everything to DLDVD. Had the XBL fanboy assholes just bought a second X360 and the games they wanted to play, leaving the hacked/piracy shit for offline use only (just like they all did for the original Xbox without any complaints), we wouldn't be where we are now, and could still use the older firmware that allowed CD's and DVD's.
ClipperCigars - You're right about all that except c4ever is the man - lets see you do something like that all the work he puts in for free & xboxlive changed everything once the 360 came out with more & more games on-line and better MP then the original xbox it was only time before someone like c4ever did that and for one I thank him everyday that I can go on-line for almost 50 cents a game now (don't need verbatiums anymore to burn xgd3 games) instead of the $70/game M.S. charges - anyway you sound like a BIG DOUCHE BAG so go back to your dvd factory job DOUCHE
i always extract my discs and then put them on either the internal or my external hdd for the xbox so i save space on the hdd's. but i did come into i minor problem with this download after i copied the extracted game to the hdd and went to play it . i found that it wanted me to unlock the full game thru xbox live. so to get around this i used my previously downloaded abla version that was unlocked and placed it into the content folder on the disc and copied over the files inside thus giving me the full unlocked version. my kids are so happy with the extra features they now have on minecraft for the xbox.
Working! Thx
How do I get the latest version?

I installed it right, got the trial version, and changed the content folder in order to play the full version, but i realised it was the same version as the old one.
I wonder if anyone knows how to ger the latest version of the game without having to acess with xbox live ?
it does work on jtag
i downloaded the game and i burnt .when you put it in the xbox it ays unreadable
does not work

Never mind it worked my burner was the problem ,dont bun ur games using ultraliso ,use imgburn
Thanks man
Essa iso funcionou certinha no meu xbox desbloqueado com Xk3y. Apesar desse desbloqueio apenas rodar iso de jogos ripados, nao sei como rodou esse jogo arcade.. porque meu desbloqueio nao tem suporte nenhum pra jogo arcade que nao seja comprado da live...
Se eu soubesse como o uploader fez essa facanha de transformar um jogo arcade em iso, eu transformaria todos os jogos arcade em iso jogaveis.. Mas eh a vida. Vou tentar fazer uma pesquisa pra ver como eh isso.
Vlw ai. O jogo rodou certinho no meu console conectado a net.
how good does magic iso work
Type SE
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